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Final results of the INVENTO AWARD!


The medal ceremony for the "INVENTO Prague 2013 AWARD" , the "WIPO AWARD GOLD MEDAL 2013" and the "IFIA GOLD MEDAL 2013" competitions for the best and most interesting innovative ideas took place on the last day of the INVENTO fair, on Saturday, June 8, 2013, at 11 a.m.

The ceremony was attended by the Vice-President of the European Patent Office Guillaume Minnoye and by the Director of the Division for Certain Countries in Europe and Asia of the World Intellectual Property Organization Michal Svantner.

The international judging panel, headed by the President of the International Federation of Inventors´ Associations (IFIA) Dr. András Vedres, evaluated and awarded 49 "INVENTO Prague 2013 AWARD" gold medals out of the 150 registrations; it also awarded a special prize and the "IFIA GOLD MEDAL 2013" cup.

Twenty inventions and innovations were nominated for the "WIPO AWARD GOLD MEDAL 2013" competition, and the judges selected and awarded the gold medal to the Czech Technical University in Prague for the "Precession bladeless turbine - EP 2171260, priority of Feb. 12, 2009."
The judging panel for the WIPO AWARD GOLD MEDAL - Pavel Dlouhý, Chairman of the Judging Panel (Czech Union of Inventors and Rationalizers); Josef Dvornák (Industrial Property Office of the CR); Jan Novotný (INCHEBA PRAHA spol. s r.o.), Pavel Norman (ARID Hradec Králové) and Miroslav Paclík (Industrial Property Office of the ČR).

A special prize and the "IFIA GOLD MEDAL 2013" cup were awarded to the "Steady rest for supporting large crankshafts," by Ing. Stanislav Dubina and collective, VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY a.s. (CR)

Gold medals in the "INVENTO Prague 2013 AWARD" competitions were awarded to:


  • Ing. Stanislav Dubina and collective (VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY a.s.) - Lunette to the support of the big pointed Shift
  • Prof. Ing. Jaromír Volf, DrSc. (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Engineering) - PLANTOGRAF V12
  • Jiří Zegzulka, Jan Nečas, Dagmar Juchelková, Roman Smelík and Tomáš Mlčák (The Mining University - Technical University of Ostrava, Centre ENET, Laboratory of bulk material) - Device for optimizing operation of the power unit
  • Ing. Pavel Dlouhý, EUR Ing. (Czech Union of Inventors and Rationalizers) - Scheme of innovation level classification in services
  • Ing. Miroslav Sedláček, CSc. (Czech Technical University of Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering,) - ROLLING FLUID MACHINE – BLADELESS TURBINE (Precession water turbine Setur)
  • ing. Jiří Bláha and collective (RS Dynamics s.r.o., Prague) - miniEXPLONIX – pocket explosive agents detector /sniffer
  • Martin Augustynek, Marek Penhaker and David Korpas (The Mining University - Technical University of Ostrava) - The Method of patient's vibrations for pacemaker controlling
  • Dr. Ing. Zdeněk Kuboň, Ing. Daniel Omacht and Zdeněk Kubánek (Czech Metallurgical Society) - Small samples testing machina


  • MUCSY, Endre (Association of Hungarian Inventors’) - Windmill with pneumatic power transmission
  • NÁDAS, Béla dr. (Association of Hungarian Inventors’) - Doubling drive
  • OSBÁTH, Sándor – ZALAI, Tibor (Association of Hungarian Inventors’) - Traffic speed meter with analyst
  • SZITA, Géza dr. (Association of Hungarian Inventors’) - Culture medium for rapid and selective isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • SZÖLLÖSY, János (Association of Hungarian Inventors’) - Food supplement removal heavy metal contamination (Humicin)
  • SZÖLLÖSY, János; FARKAS, Tibor and GASPARICS, Antal (Association of Hungarian Inventors’) - FluxMap measurement system
  • RAISZ, Iván dr. (Association of Hungarian Inventors’) - Utilization of carbon dioxide for energy production


  • Masoud SHAFAGHI (Land of Creativity & Technology Co., LCT) - Design and manufacturing of self-compacting concrete with high strength proportional to non-operating defense measuring for application in shelter urban safe areas and crisis management
  • Farzad ILKHCHOOYI and Behnam AMINI (Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Student Research Committee) - Bi-horn nasogastric tubes (NGT) with long-term viability in the human body and causing less pain for patiens


  • Instytut Maszyn Matematycznych and P.H.U. Impuls Ryszard Dziewa (Association of Polish Inventors & Rationalizers – SPWiR) - European Multimedia Encyclopedia of Geography for the Blind
  • Lech Naumowski, Jaroslaw Wojtowicz, Przemyslaw Cychowski and Miroslawa Plucinska (Association of Polish Inventors & Rationalizers – SPWiR) - Biometric Access Control Terminal VeinGuard
  • Prof. Leszek A. Dobrzański, PhD Marcin Staszuk, PhD Daniel Pakuła and PhD Małgorzata Musztyfaga (Association of Polish Inventors & Rationalizers – SPWiR) - Increased durability of cutting edges from sialon tool ceramics by using multicomponent, nanostructured PVD coatings
  • Prof. Stanisław Adamczak, Dr. habil., Eng., Dr. h.c., Pavel Balek, Eng., Dariusz Janecki Dr. habil., Eng. the University Prof., Boris Kur, Eng. (Association of Polish Inventors & Rationalizers – SPWiR) - Device for positioning a spherical component during measurement of form errors
  • Katarzyna Gorazda, Zygmunt Kowalski and Zbigniew Wzorek (Association of Polish Inventors & Rationalizers – SPWiR) - THE WAY O PHOSPHORUS COMPOUNDS RECOVERY FROM INDUSTRIAL WASTE
  • Bozena Tyliszczak, Agnieszka Sobczak-Kupiec, Katarzyna Bialik-Was and Dagmara Malina (Association of Polish Inventors & Rationalizers – SPWiR) - The modern hydrocolloids wound dressing materials modified silver nanoparticles


  • Volokitin Gennadiy, Malinovskaya Tatyana, Lyisak Ilya and Lyisak Galina (Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building) - Fiber filter material with nanoparticles for water purification
  • SHKURATNIK Vladimir and NOVIKOV Evženy (Moscow State Mining University) - Non-destructive testing of geomaterials structure defectiveness by using thermally stimulated acoustic emission¨
  • Velts Iakov, Velts Natalia, Velts Ilia and Velts Alla (RPA, Ultrasound systéme, Ltd.) - Method of ultrasonic technological units manufacture
  • FEDOROV  Mikhail, CHUSOV  Alexander,  ANDRIANOVA  Mariya and KUDOJAROV M. (St. Petersburg State  Polytechnical University) - COMPLEX OF TOXIC OIL-CONTAINING LIQUID WASTES TREATMENT


  • RNDr. Juraj Tóth, PhD. (Comenius University in Bratislava) - AMOS - All-sky meteor orbit systém


  • Veronika Klinar (Association of Slovenian Inventors) - ANAYA smart cosmetics


  • Cenneth Lindkvist (TripleMinds AB) - Vertical Axis Wind Turbin


  • Chiu, Shih-Chun (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - "Brain Main Seven" health drink - aiming at autonomic instability
  • Chia-Mei Peng, I-Fong Chen, Jing-Rui Xiang, Yun-Yu Tsai, Hao Zheng, Chia-Ci Chen and Wen-Jie Ko (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Quasi-balanced Antenna Structure for Wireless Portable Device Applications
  • Cheng, Chao-Yang (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Amazing Musical Termos
  • Chen, Wen-Liang and Yao, Ying-Liang (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Anti-theft pedal
  • Chie-Chen Wei, Su Yang, Chin-San Wu, Sue Sung-How, Su Yu-Ya, Sue Wei-Ting, Sue Wei-Shiang and Tzu-Chi Shan (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Automated Inspection System for Medicine
  • Wang, Chin-Yung; Wang, Yu-chen; Wu, Heng-Yu; Tien, Tao; Wang Yu-Che and Chang  Pi-Pai (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Anti-forget and Anti-theft Smart Locks
  • Lin, Chia-Hao; Chen, Hsing-Yuan; Wang, Chihi-Chieh; Wang, Hsueh-Min and Chang, Pi-Pai (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - 3C Portable Desk
  • Lu Sheng-I (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - The equipment accelerating the mature of wine
  • Chao-Hui,Wu; Yang-Su; Chin-San Wu; Wan-Ting, Huang; Yu-Ching, Tseng and Kuen-Jung, Kao (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Floor Slab Protection Layer Scaling Monitoring System
  • Sheng Chung Tzeng; Tzer-Ming Jeng; Chun-Chieh Wang; Hung-Ming Su; Wei-Ting  Hsu; Dong-Jhen Lin; Yu-Xiang Huang and Jian-Qiu Sha (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - A touching-mind table lamp
  • Tzer-Ming Jeng; Sheng Chung Tzeng; Hung-Ming Su; Po Chou; Chi-Huang Liu; Dong-Jhen Lin; Li-Zhi Yu and Hwang, Ching-Her (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - A Chinese lantern adorned with a revolving circle of paper characters
  • Pei-Ling Wu; Ching-San Chiang; Hsiu-Chin Huang; Tsuo-Fei Mao and Tzeng Sheng Chung (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Pen Massager
  • Liu, Xing Chang; Wu, Chin-San and Sue Wei-Ting (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Beach Greening Structure
  • Johnny E. Wu (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - A safe, complete and efficient separation method for the extraction of embryonic stem cell
    by the use of complement membrane attack komplex
  • Hsi-Jeng Chiang; Chih-Wen Wang and Yu-Hsiang Juany (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Innovation on Novel Bio-absorbable Hemostatic Cotton in Oral Surgery
  • Keng-Liang Ou; Leng-Lan Lin; Chen-An Lu and Yankuba B. Manga (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Antibacterial Thermal Telecare Systém¨
  • Sun-Li Wu; Ren-Chung Soong and Jui-Min Lee (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - An electric wheelchair with function of climbing up and down step
  • Hong-Jung Hsieh; Huan Liu and Hao-Cheng Ran (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - An autonomous land vehicle for automatic installation of reflective road markers
  • Yu-Ping Kang (Taiwan International Invention Award Winner's Association) - Energy-saving Nano-photocatalyst Sterilization Device

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